Tennis Shoe Insoles: Insoles for Forefoot Cushion and Court Sports

Throughout the year we answer a lot of calls from tennis and racquetball players with sore feet. Often, they are wearing a tight-fitting athletic shoe and are spending hours on hard cement (or clay) courts. That’s bad enough but in the sports of tennis and racquetball, the primary thing that happens is that the players are essentially tiptoeing on the balls of their feet.

So what they say is that, “The standard drug-store insoles just don’t work.”

The main issues with people who play court sports is forefoot pain. This is pain on the front part of the foot behind the toes (ball of the foot). It’s difficult for them to find an insole that provides adequate cushioning in the forefoot (front part of the foot behind the toes) but doesn’t take up a lot of space in the shoe, thus pushing the foot/ankle out of the shoe so it won’t be supported by the shoe.

The absolute best cushioning insole for tighter shoes and  forefoot pain relief and cushioning throughout is the Sof Sole Athlete Insoles. The Sof Sole Athletes provide a very soft cushion padding throughout the entire insoles with a gel insert in the metatarsal area behind the toes and a patented airr chamber technology for superior heel pain relief.

Anyone seeking ball of foot (or metatarsal) pain relief with an insole that takes up minimal space simply has to try these insoles.  Ideally a thin cushion insoles is needed for tennis shoe foot pain relief.

When I play tennis, I stand with my weight on the forefoot and require a bit thicker insole -the Sof Sole Airr Insoles, they prevent a lot of the pain I had before. They’re my favorite choice of insoles when I need cushioning. At The Insole Store, our customers top choice for dealing with metatarsal or ball of feet pain relief are these Sof Sole Airr Insoles.

After spending your days on the courts with the balls of your feet in pain, you must try these Sof Sole Insoles for pain relief. Check out our most popular tennis shoe insoles at The Insole Today.

For the Authority on Tennis, Check out: The American Tennis Association

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