Your Knee Pain May Be Caused By Your Feet

Many people, particularly those who are athletic or very active, suffer from knee and pain. Although there are many causes of knee pain, our feet take a lot of abuse and as a result there are many opportunities for structural failure in the foot. One of the most common areas of foot failure is the medial arch, this arch runs from before the heel towards the front of your foot.

The feet are incredibly complex and dynamic pieces of machinery. They are designed to move and adapt depending on how we use them and what we require of them. But over time there can be failures. The result is an imbalance in the foot that can result in many issues.

When there is foot imbalance it is common for our gate, the movement of our entire body while walking, to change slightly to compensate. This change in our gate can result in undue pressure at the knee. You have probably seen people with what is commonly called knock knees or that are bow legged. These are conditions where the knees are either unnaturally turned in (knocking together) or are turned out (bowed).

Although these symptoms can be caused by other issues, many times the underlying cause is foot dysfunction. Knock knees and bow-legged are extreme examples of what can happen when you suffer from foot imbalance.

A simple solution to this knee pain is orthotic arch supports. One of the most common foot dysfunctions is over-pronation, where the foot rolls to the inside. This is usually caused by the arches in the foot functioning improperly. The result of over-pronation can often lead to knee pain.

Proper orthotic arch supports or cushioned shoe insoles can often bring balance back to the foot, solving the underlying problem leading to knee pain.

If you think your knee pain might be caused by a foot imbalance, check out the line of orthotic arch supports. You might just find the answer to that painful knee problem.

Simple solution options include replacing your standard insoles with Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports, Currex Insoles, Superfeet Premium Insoles, Sof Sole Insoles or Sole Custom Footbeds. Sole and Spenco brand insoles have received the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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