What Is The Difference Between Superfeet Black, Blue, and Green Insoles?

This is one of the most common questions from both new and existing Superfeet customers of TheInsoleStore.com.

The Superfeet Green, Blue, and Black Premium Insoles are the 3 basic platforms of the Superfeet Premium Insoles line-up of which all the other colors are built on (with exception of the Carbon Insoles).

Easily put, the three platforms have to do with "Profile" and "Volume" meaning how much shape and support is provided and the amount of space that the arch support takes up in your shoe or boot.

As a generalization, the Low Profile is for flat feet or low arches, the Medium Profile is for Neutral Arches, and High Profile for High Arched Feet. The Medium is the most universal in being adequate for all foot arch types. However, it really is what provides the best support while providing comfort, too. Customers that have High Arches find adequate support with Low Profile just as they do with High (and vice-versa). The other point is tight fitting shoes, such as cleats, will require a low profile insole but will give adequate support for the High Arched Foot. We will also feature the Superfeet EasyFit 3/4-length Arch Supports on the charts below:

Low Profile Medium Profile High Profile
Volume has to do with the amount of space taken up in the shoe. So a Low Volume Insole is ideal for tight fitting shoes such as high heels, hockey boots, cleated shoes, and/or tight fitting running shoes, and athletic/casual shoes. Where-as a Medium Volume shoe would be athletic, casual, and dress shoes (and most boots). High Volume offers the most in comfort or support; however are better for looser fitting shoes and boots.
Low Volume Medium Volume High Volume

Still not sure what Superfeet Insoles you are looking for?

Check out our Product Guide: Superfeet Insoles. However, if your still looking at the 3 base models of the Superfeet Insoles: Black, Blue, and Green, then consider this: Superfeet Black Insoles are ideal for tight-fitting athletic, casual, and dress shoes. Superfeet Blue Insoles are an over-all middle of the road support for all athletic shoes, boots, and those seeking a little extra support in casual and dress shoes, while the Green Insoles offer maximum support for athletic shoes and boots, but would require looser fitting casual and dress shoes (as an over-all generalization). Most of the other insoles are either gender specific, activity specific, and/or shoe type specific.

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