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Insoles & Arch Supports: High Heels, Dress Shoes & Sandals

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Do your feet hurt from high heels, casual, or even dress shoes? Many people do not realize that small individual shoe inserts and arch supports are available for those tight spots. Both men and women wearing casual and dress shoes often forgo form (and thus, put up with foot pain) for fashion or price when it comes to wearing high heels and dress shoes. One does not have to give up a comfortable foot as there are many styles of orthotic arch supports and shoe inserts that are thin enough to fit tighter shoes, clear in color (so as not to be seen), and/or come in a fashionable leather to appear as if they came with your shoe. provides the best shoe insoles, inserts, and orthotic arch supports to fit your needs:

  • Apara Gel Insoles and Inserts
  • Pedag Leather Insoles and Inserts
  • Superfeet Premium Insoles

The Apara gel shoe inserts are a nice complement of small invisible/clear shoe inserts that are small and made to fit particular needs such as: foot arch, heel pad, and forefoot (or metatarsal) pad. These shoe insoles come with a peel 'n stick backing that can easily fit unseen in High Heels, Dress Shoes or even Sandals. These are very popular with women who have aching foot arches or sore heels from wearing high heels.

Often one wants a shoe insole that is small, compact, and has the look of being original with the shoe. The Pedag Leather Arch Supports are crafted in Germany and made with leather. Whether you have flat feet, metatarsalgia, plantar faciitis, and/or simply have arch/heel pain, the stylish Pedag Leather shoe inserts fit all casual & dress shoes.

The Superfeet Premium Insoles are full (or 3/4 length) orthotic shoe insoles that are designed to help center the foot to reduce over-pronation while offering balance for more even weight distribution and shock absorption. These insoles are made with a deep heel cup, foam padding, and solid arch support for proper foot placement, stability and comfort. For men's, women's, and children's size shoe insoles for both high heels, athletic, and casual or dress shoes.

Whether you are experiencing foot pain due to high heels or simply lack arch support in your leather dress shoes, has a diverse line of shoe insoles, inserts, and orthotic arch supports to meet your needs. We carry individual inserts that are small and invisible, made for tight fitting shoes, leather insoles, and/or full length footbed systems to meet all your athletic, casual, or dress shoe needs.

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