Morton’s Neuroma and The Best Insoles for Treatment

Do you have pain in the ball of your foot, most commonly between your third and fourth toes? Many times this pain that you are feeling is called Morton’s Neuroma.

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma (also known as Morton’s Metatarsalgia or Morton’s disease) is a foot condition that occurs in the forefoot where the tissue thickens around the nerves leading to the toes, most often between the 3rd and 4th toes. Symptoms can include a burning sensation, sharp pain, tingling, numbness or cramping in the foot. Frequent or constant pressure on this area can often times develop a benign tumor or what may feel like a hard ball under the skin. Most of these tumors are not cancerous or malignant and are usually just a fibrous tissue formation.

What Causes Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is caused by a growth of nerve tissue which is benign, or non-cancerous, that develops in the foot. The cause is still unknown, but wearing shoes like high heels and playing some sports can be a cause of this foot condition.

How Can I Alleviate Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma?

If you have Morton’s Neuroma, you may want to consider changing the types of shoes that you wear. A shoe with a lower heel and wider toe box can help. Another great alternative is wearing an insole that is designed specifically for this condition. Depending on severity, surgery may be considered after diagnosis from your medical professional.

What Makes for a Good Insole for Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma symptoms can be alleviated by using an insole or shoe insert that features a raised metatarsal pad, as well as additional forefoot padding (if your shoe has room for it). The metatarsal pad will help to spread and allow your toes to rest in their natural position, alleviating pressure on the forefoot.

Best Insoles for Morton’s Neuroma and Forefoot Pain

Based on our criteria for Morton’s Neuroma insoles, we’ve put together a list of top insoles to help with treatment and prevention:

Powerstep Pinnacle PLUS Orthotic Insoles w/Met. Pad – This full-length, semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole is for all arch types. They feature an added metatarsal pad as well as additional cushioning for the forefoot and metatarsal heads, helping to relieve any ball of foot pain. They have a double layer of EVA/VCT foam for additional shock absorption as well as a friction reducing anti-microbial fabric top cover. They are ideal for athletic, dress, and casual shoes as well as boots.

10 Seconds 3810 Ultra Arch Support Insoles – This full-length, semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole is for neutral to high arch types. They feature separate heel and forefoot cushioning that provides you with additional shock absorption as well as a contoured metatarsal pad that will help to redistribute weight and pressure helping to relieve pain. They have a MicroZap antimicrobial fused top cover with built in air flow channels to help your feet breathe. They fit most athletic, casual, dress, and hiking shoes, and boots.

10 Seconds 3030 Pressure Relief Insoles with Metatarsal Support – This full-length, cushioned arch insole is for all arch types. They feature a Plastazote top cover that will mold to your feet over time. Their cushioned metatarsal arch support is ideal for assisting in redistributing pressure. Their custom made air flow channels will help your feet breathe. They fit most athletic, casual, hiking shoes, and boots.

If you suffer from Morton’s Neuroma or other forefoot pain, it doesn’t have to hurt. Visit our Morton’s Neuroma page to help alleviate your pain today at

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