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What Leather Insoles to Buy

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There are many advantages to wearing leather insoles. One of the biggest advantages is that they are created with all-natural substances, abling your feet to breathe. If you wear shoes with insoles that actually allow your feet to breathe, the cells are able to act as they should and detoxify on their own. When your feet detoxify, it helps to prevent infection. Wearing leather insoles, or insoles that allow your feet to breathe, is very important if you’re diabetic or prone to develop infections that don’t heal fast.

If you’re looking to buy a pair of leather insoles, one of the best companies to consider is, Pedag. This German insole manufacturer has a strong policy and belief in creating orthotics with all-natural substances. You won’t find questionable antimicrobial nano-technological substances in their products. Instead, you will find natural activated charcoal that helps to absorb odor and reduce bacteria.

Here are some specifics about their leather insole products:

1. Pedag Leather Insoles

Pedag leather insoles are great for replacing worn out insoles including the ones in Sperry boat shoes. Pedag leather insoles may be trimmed to fit your shoes. To do this, you must first remove the old shoe insole and trace the outline on the new leather insoles. Then cut the insole where it was traced to fit your shoe. It’s that easy.

2. Pedag Viva-Mini (Holiday) Arch Support Insole

These Pedag leather insoles are different from the previous ones because they are ergonomically designed to have arch support, metatarsal pad, and heel cushion. Because of its ¾ length, these sheepskin leather insoles will fit into most shoes, and the design is thin and ultra light. It’s recommended for plantar fasciitis and for pain in the ball of the foot.

3. Pedag Comfort Leather Insoles

These keep the metatarsal bones of the foot aligned so you can reduce pain. The Pedag Comfort Leather insoles are designed with a hypoallergenic latex and an extra soft heel padding. The leather is vegetable tanned and built with a water-based adhesive instead of petroleum-based adhesive.

4. Pedag Correct Plus

These are lateral wedge leather insoles and are designed to help correct bow legs or knock-knees. Bow-legs leather insoles correct the rolling outward of the feet that contributes to bowed-legs. Knock knees leather insoles compensate the body by preventing the feet from turning inward. Both bow-legs insoles and knock-knee insoles can thus assist with the relief of pain in the foot, knee and hip. These are ¾ length leather insoles.

5. Pedag Step Arch Support Inserts

Sometimes you’ll feel that you only need an arch support, not a whole full length Orthotic or insert. When you do, it’s good to have the Pedag Step Arch Support leather inserts. These leather inserts are shaped as a half moon with a self-adhesive strip on the back to place it properly in your shoe. The Pedag leather inserts come in four sizes – small for Ladies shoe sizes 5-7, medium for Ladies shoe sizes 8-10 and men’s 7-8, large for Ladies shoe sizes 11-12 and men’s sizes 9-10, and extra large for any shoe size larger than the rest of them. When you have added arch support, your bones line up properly so you can prevent foot, leg, knee or hip pain.

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