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Birkenstock Tradition Blue Footbed Arch Support Insoles


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The Birkenstock Blue Footbed Tradition Arch Support Insoles are a 3/4-length, rigid orthotic arch support insole that provides a deep heel cup for natural cushioning and shock absorption, natural contoured arch support for longitudinal medial arch support, and a metatarsal support with a gentle raised platform for raising toes into the natural position.

The Birkenstock Blue Footbed Tradition Arch Support Insoles are ideal for a neutral to high foot arch type, shoes with heels up to 1 1/2 inches. They are constructed of Birkenstock's patented unique blend of natural cork lined BirkoCork, moleskine bottom, and a 73% cotton and 27% viscose synthetic fiber top cover.

Product Features:

  • Rigid orthotic arch support insole
  • 3/4-length footbed
  • Available in Normal, Wide, and Narrow Widths
  • Orthotic arch design provides proper foot alignment and balances out foot impact areas for shock absorption, reduced foot fatigue, and potential of increased footwear life
  • Ideal for heeled shoes & boots Up to 1.5 inches, neutral to high arched feet, and/or those seeking the Original
  • Birkenstock sandal feel
  • 73% cotton and 27% viscose synthetic fiber top cover
  • BirkoCork: a cork and EVA foam construction provides flexibility and absorbs impact shock
  • Moleskin anti-slip bottom coat increases durability and protects BirkoCork for longevity of footbed life
  • Raised side flanges aid in controlling foot movement and stability
  • Deep heel cup provides natural cushioning, shock absorption, and protects the heel bone for foot pain relief
  • Hand Washable
  • Arch height: 25 mm
  • Thickness at forefoot: 7.75 mm
  • Thickness at heel: 2.15 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 oz (#40 Women's 9 / Men's 7)
  • Made in Germany

Ideal For:

  • Shoe type: Athletic, Boots, Casual, Dress
  • Activity type: Running & Walking, Office & Dress Wear, Golf, Casual
  • Arch type: Neutral Arch, High Arch
  • Pain relief: Achilles Tendinitis, Arch Pain & Arch Strain, Bunions, High Arches, Metatarsalgia & Forefoot Pain, Morton's Neuroma, Over Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, Supination

Formerly the Birkenstock Blue Footbed Heeled Arch Support Insoles

Please Note: All boxes for wide width Birkenstock products are listed as Medium Width / Regular Fit on their stickers.


If you are looking for a low to neutral arch height insole, check out the Birkenstock Sport Blue Footbed Arch Support Insoles.

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