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Cobian Ohana Flop Sandals for Men

Cobian Ohana Flop Sandals for Men

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Cobian Ohana Flop Sandals for Men

Product Overview:

The Cobian Ohana Flop Sandals offer a comfortable strap and squishy TPE top-sole with custom printed graphics featuring the art of Wade Koniakowsky.

"The Ocean is my inspirations. My art is a reflection of this great force that has shaped my life"

A durable & easy to pack flat cushioned sandal for easy-living whether on the street, the beach, or living the resort life.

Product Features:

  • Water Friendly
  • Flat cushion sandal
  • Comfortable PVC Strap
  • Squishy Soft TPE Top Sole
  • 100% Molded Custom Cobian Style Rubber Bottom Sole (for durability)
  • Custom Wade Koniakowsky Art Graphic
  • Discontinued Product


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