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Pedag Deo Fresh Spray - 5 oz.

Pedag Deo Fresh Spray - 5 oz.

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Pedag Deo Fresh Spray - 5 oz.

Product Overview:

The Pedag Active Fresh - 5.07 oz. is an odor adsorbing neutralizer that helps to get rid of unpleasant smells while providing a light scent of lime to help refresh the inside your shoes or sports bags. The Active Fresh is 99% bio-degradable and 100% fresh! It's innovative formula binds odor molecules, neutralizing organic odors without simply covering them up.


  • Step 1: Shake can well before use
  • Step 2: Spray Active Fresh directly into shoes or bag
  • Step 3: Allow to dry for up to 2 hours at room temperature
  • Step 4: Repeat as necessary

Item #: PDG-714-00

*Please note: This product was previously the Pedag Active Fresh.

Please Note: Pedag is currently updating all product designs and packaging. At this time, you may receive something that is similiar to the design in the pictures displayed. We are diligently working to get these updated as soon as possible.

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