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Pedag Toe Spreader

Pedag Toe Spreader

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Pedag Toe Spreader

Product Overview:

The Pedag Toe Spreader helps separate and protect dislocated and overlapping toes or toes that rub against each other. Helping to minimize friction, this super soft gel wedge helps to reduce the risk of fungal infections. They contain a moisturizing lotion that is easy on the skin while being rinseable with water to be cleaned.

Product Features:

  • Super soft gel wedge
  • Set between toes to separate
  • Protects toes from friction
  • Contains a moisturizing lotion that is easy on the skin
  • Can be rinsed with water
  • One pair per package (2 items)

Item #: PDG-271

Please Note: Pedag is currently updating all product designs and packaging. At this time, you may receive something that is similiar to the design in the pictures displayed. We are diligently working to get these updated as soon as possible.

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