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Adjustable Heel Lifts for Leg Length Discrepancy

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Often we find customers seeking a cost-effective method for relieving the pain and discomfort from their leg length discrepancy. Whether one's short leg is a result of a functional or structure factor, surgery or custom orthotic devices may not be a practical option. For minor leg length differences, heel lifts are a common solution. At, we have assembled products that fit most needs of those seeking an adjustable heel lift.

There are primarily 2 styles of heel lifts: one that offers a solid base and one that offers cushion (or compression). The two lines of thought when it comes to adjustable heel lifts. The first being that those truly seeking to eliminate the medical issues and pain from one leg being shorter than the other, need a solid base lift that will not compress under weight and the second being that a lift with cushion offers some shock impact to the area from the heel all the way up to the hips and lower back to assist in compensating for the pain associated with the short leg syndrome. The issue is that the cushion insert compresses over time and is harder to judge just how much lift is occurring.

Which Adjustable Heel Lift Works Best for Your Shoes?

We have assembled three specific adjustable heel lifts for the shoe that fit the needs of those with one leg longer than the other needing an extra lift from 1mm to 14mm or 3/8 inch thick:
  • Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts - Offer a soft solid base platform with fourteen 1mm sections that can be peeled away or added back so one can adjust to the proper height. The lifts are also customizable by trimming with scissors. An ideal heel lift that offers solid support that will not compress.
  • Powerstep Adjustable Heel Lifts - Offer a cushioned foam based lift with three heights of 1/8, 1/4, or 3/8 of an inch high. Cushion based support for those looking to relieve some of the pain associated with the impact as your weight lands on the heel of the foot.
  • Soul Insole Heel Lifts / Gel Heel Cushions - Made with a self-sticking, memory gel material, these heel lifts are is 1/8 inch thick and comes with 4 lifts that are stackable. Can be used as a pair of 1/4 heel lifts, one 1/2inch heel lift, or one 3/8inch heel lift.

These three adjustable heel lifts are simply the best with most of our clients preferring the versatility and flexibility of the 12 layer solid support base in the clearly adjustable heel lifts.

Whether you are dealing with a structural or functional leg length discrepancy aggravated from the high stress of running or brought about due to stunted growth plates in childhood, a heel lift can assist in preventing stress fractures, hip, knee, and lower back pain, or even plantar fasciitis. If one is still pronating after using a lift, an orthotic arch support is worn in conjunction with a heel lift for shoes for full foot support.

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