High Arched Feet Aren't Unusual, But They Could Be Troublesome

When we talk about feet, we typically classify the height of your foot arch into one of 3 categories: medium (or neutral) arch, low arch, or high arch. All three arch types are relatively common, though high arches only make up an estimated 20% of the population (or, 1 in 5 individuals have high arches). So while high arches certainly aren't unusual, having high arches does come with some potential issues to be aware of when considering your foot health.

The Problems with High Arches

The arch of your foot helps to distribute weight, pressure, and impact shock across the entire foot so that one particular area of the foot doesn't bear the brunt of this strain when walking, standing, or playing. Whereas a neutral arch does this job best, a high arch is less helpful. Those with high arches put far more pressure on the ball of their foot and the heel (the two parts of the foot that are most in contact with the ground), due to the shape of their foot arch.

Additionally, the arch of your foot in conjunction with your heel and ankle helps control the motion of your foot with each step you take. Those with high arches may find that their feet roll outwards when walking due to the high height of their arch and the lack of their arch that makes contact with the ground. This "rolling outwards" is known as supination, and many people with high arches experience this issue.

As a result of this increased pressure and shock on the ball-of-foot and heel, and as a result of supination, a couple of symptoms could develop:

  • Moderate to severe pain in the ball-of-foot.
  • Moderate to severe pain in the heel.
  • Moderate to severe pain and/or fatigue in the arch of the foot, especially along the outer side.
  • Decreased foot and ankle stability.

But don't worry! These are all things that can be prevented or alleviated!

High-Arched Insoles Can Help

High-arches insoles are orthotic arch supports that are specifically designed for those with high arches in mind. With an average arch height of 30mm or greater, these orthotics will help provide your feet with the proper support they need, distribute weight, pressure, and shock better, and help keep your feet stabilized in all activities.

Most medium-arched insoles measure between 20-30mm in height. They are designed for those with medium-arched feet to provide proper support without their height being uncomfortable. And if you have medium arches, this is perfect.

The issue is that when the arch of your foot is 32mm and the arch height of your insole is 25mm, the insole isn't really providing you with the support you need. It'll help more than nothing, but it's not ideal for your feet.

By ensuring that you have a high arch insole for your high-arched feet, you're ensuring that you get the proper support for your high arches. The high arch of the insole will help distribute pressure throughout the entire foot (not just the ball-of-foot and the heel), absorb impact shock across the entire foot, and give your foot support and stability to prevent rolling of the ankle outwards.

This, in turn, provides:

  • Less pressure on the ball-of-foot and the heel.
  • More cushioning across your foot as a whole.
  • Less fatigue across your foot and arch.
  • Improved stability for your foot.
  • Less movement of the ankle outwards.

What Are the Best High-Arched Insoles?

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles: Superfeet focuses on stabilizing the heel and back of the arch through a deep heel cup and innovative rigid arch support design. This not only helps stabilize the foot and ankle, but also helps the foot achieve an even distribution of pressure across the entire foot. The Green insoles feature a high volume of dense cushioning, making them a great choice for those with high arches.

PowerStep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles - High Arch: The PowerStep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles - High Arch have one of the highest arches available, measuring 35mm tall. For those with high arches, this arch height will ensure that you have the best support for your high foot arch. Combined with a semi-rigid support and plush cushioning, you'll find a great combination of support and cushioning for your feet.

Icebug Fat Insoles: With an arch similar in height to the FIT insoles, the Icebug Fat high arch insoles likewise ensure that you have proper support for your high arches. These feature a semi-rigid arch support, allowing more flexibility in daily activities, as well as a nice layer of cushioning for comfort and a metatarsal pad for additional forefoot support and comfort.

For our full selection of our arch supports for high-arched feet, shop our High Arched Insoles lineup, at TheInsoleStore.com!

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