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The feet are our foundation. All of our body weight rests on the feet as we stand. Our weight shifts from foot to foot as we walk or run. Add to this that our weight is multiplied as we walk or run and it is easy to understand that our feet take a pounding from the impact of hitting the surface over and over again. Just as with any foundation, it is important for our feet to function properly to maintain a healthy body. Our feet must absorb the shock to prevent injury to our joints and the foot arch must function correctly to keep our joints balanced and stabilized through proper alignment.

For proper balance, the weight distribution needs to be proportioned over the entire foot. High arches present problems because the weight is distributed primarily on two points, the heel and the forefoot. Flat feet present problems because too much of the body weight is not on the heel and ball of foot areas. Both of these foot types can be a cause for improper balance which results in poor alignment. Poor alignment effects the foot arch function causes over-pronation, a condition where the foot turns inward.

One of the archs many functions in the foot is to transfer weight from the heel to the balls of the feet. The arch also helps us adapt to uneven surfaces and to absorb shock from impact. Better balance can be obtained by stabilizing the foot arch which will also prevent over-pronation.

While it is more common for a foot with a high arch to be more stable and stronger than a low arch, or a flat foot, the foot arch will likely perform better with the use of good quality Orthotic Insoles.

The goal of the Orthotic Insoles in regards to high arches would be to fill some of the voids on the bottom of the foot to offer some support. The void does not always necessarily have to completely be filled with the arch support. The goal is not to build an arch support that keeps the arch from accepting some of the body weight as we stand, walk or run but to help the weight become more evenly distributed.

A good quality Orthotic Insole will accommodate the foot shape in the arch area. We do not need a bridge in the middle of the foot but gentle support to take pressure off the heel and ball of the foot. Support and cushion the biggest bone in the foot first, which is the heel bone and then support the remaining structure of the foot.

Superfeet Premium Insoles offers two distinct styles that offer ideal cushioning and support to help stabilize the feet so we maintain proper balance and alignment. The Superfeet Berry Premium Insoles for Women and the Superfeet Orange Insoles for Men.

The Currex Insoles are designed to allow for customization for each individual foot type and shape. The Orthotic Insoles will re-shape themselves to the curves and texture of your foot.

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