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Extra Large & Extra Wide Shoe Insoles: Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief

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There are many Men, Women, and (even) Children whom are in need of extra large, long, and/or wide shoe insoles. Those with large feet often need more foot support due to carrying large bone & weight structure. As anything else, finding shoe insoles that fit extra large and wide feet can be difficult. Often one sacrifices their feet due to the difficulty in finding a good fitting shoe; however a good shoe insert can assist with extra cushioning and/or orthotic support that aligns the foot for proper support and pain relief.

Often shoes lack the proper support to properly align one's foot, ankles, knees, hips and skeletal structure including the back. Both cushioned insoles and orthotic arch supports can assist in relieving the foot, knee, and lower back pain by absorbing one's weight and shock from walking while properly supporting the foot. If we can be of assistance in helping you find the ideal insole, we have foot care specialist available.

At, we supply you with the largest variety of shoe insoles, inserts, and orthotic arch supports for Wide Insoles and Extended Size Insoles made available. While most shoe insoles styles go up to a Men's 15, it is the larger sizes of a Men's 16 to 22 or a 2E to 6E wide shoe insoles that are specialty items.

For Extra Wide Insoles:

For Extra Large Cushioned Insoles:

For Extra Large Orthotic Arch Supports:

For Extra Large Wear and Heat Moldable Orthotic Arch Supports:

Whether one has foot pain in the heel, arch, and/or forefoot (metatarsal pad), the extra-large and wide shoe insoles will help relieve large feet pain. Often feet that bear extra weight suffer from collapsed arches, plantar fasciitis, and many other foot-care conditions. Whether you need insoles for everyday wear, athletics (like basketball, football, track) or from being on your feet all day at work, The Insole has the best selection of extra-large & wide shoe insoles for you.

Find your perfect insoles today, at!

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