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Flat Feet

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Flat Feet (also known as pes planus) is a condition where the foot lacks an arch on the inside. It is a very common condition as almost all children start out with little or no arch. Most kids eventually develop a normal arch; however, often people grow to maturity without the development of a normal arch.

While many people with flat feet go through their entire lives never having any foot problems, it is common for people having feet with little or no arch to suffer from feet that over-pronate (bending of the foot) which frequently leads to severe discomfort; including, knee pain, hip pain, back pain,shin splints, inflammation of the heel and pain at the bottom of the foot. While it is not necessary to have an arch to walk, run or live normally, it is very common for people with little or no arch to have pain and discomfort that can lead to more serious problems. Since your feet are your foundation,foot problems can cause pain throughout the body. Over-Pronation, Over-Supination, or flattening of the arches is a major contributor to foot pain, knee pain, back pain and other spinal maladies.

Treatment and Prevention

When a confirmed flatfoot condition exists, a good orthotic arch support is recommended.

Both the PowerStep Insoles and Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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