Heel Pain - Symptoms and Treatment

Heel pain is most often occurs doing regular everyday activities. Heel pain can develop despite no increase in activity levels or because the sufferer began an unusual new routine. Of course, heel pain can be the result of over-exercising or due to something new in our daily routine.

The heel is more susceptible to injury because it is the first part of the foot to make contact as we walk or run. Therefore, the heel is the part of our body that absorbs the greatest impact. For this reason alone, Heel Pain is a very common foot disorder; especially, in adults.

During our ordinary walking process, our foot pronates, or flatten in the arch so that the foot 'rolls' forward onto the ball of the foot for the push-off to the next step. However, when we place undue stress on the heel, the tendons and muscles begin to swell which decreases the ability to 'roll' and pain begins.

Heel pain can worsen after a short period of rest and actually decrease with some activity. However, prolonged activity will be brought on by increasing pain and swelling. Fortunately, Heel Pain is not usually a serious condition and can be treated with the application of high quality products that will help correct foot imbalance and offer cushioning comfort for your feet. Check out all of our Heel Pain Insoles and Inserts, today!

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