SESAMOIDITIS - Diagnosis and Treatment

Our feet made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments. Inflammation of the tendons around these bones is called Sesamoiditis. Sesamoids, a small boney nodule developed in a tendon, are located on the foots outer side and under the forefoot close to the big toe. Sesamoids provide support and strength in the tendons.

The condition is very common with people who live active lifestyle or put constant stress on their feet due to their jobs. Athletes, dancers, runners, standing for long periods or walking long distances all put undue stress on the feet that can develop into Sesamoiditis. However, anyone can contract this foot disorder. Constant stress on the ball of the foot area leaves one very susceptible.

Fortunately, surgery is extremely rare as a remedy. The best method for relief and one most prescribed by doctors is an Orthotic Arch Support Insole to be worn and for women, in particular, to refrain from wearing high heels. Shoes with soft soles are recommended as they allow for the toes to bend freely. Orthotic Insoles that combine Cushioning work best as the cushioning relieves stress on the tendons while the Orthotics help to correctly align and position the feet so they function properly.

Rest, ice packs to decrease swelling and inflammation, mild medication such as ibuprofen and avoiding activities that place stress on the ball of the feet are all recommended in addition to the Orthotic Arch Support Insoles.

All of these Insoles feature a deep heel cup as well as a metatarsal pad to help keep pressure off of the forefoot.

For Rigid Support

For Semi-Rigid Support

For Cushioned Arch Support

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