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How Do I Mold SOLE Custom Insoles?

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SOLE custom moldable insoles are really an amazing technological advancement of our time. They’re made from materials that when heated will be impressionable. With the help of your body weight, you will be able to leave the right impression in your insoles and customize them to mold to your foot and arch type.

SOLE custom moldable insoles aren’t just flat pieces of foam that you mold to the shape of your foot. They are designed with many orthotic features built into them already, prior to molding. For example, some have a built in heel cup that keeps your heel aligned properly. Others have built in arch support for your feet, such as high, medium and low arches. A pair of SOLE custom moldable insoles might also have a metatarsal arch cushion for the ball of the foot, a great feature for those who have Morton’s neuroma.

The Process of Customizing Your SOLE Insoles

Now how do you know if your insoles are heat moldable? The answer is to look at the bottom of the SOLE of the insole. If there’s a white square that says on it 71 degrees C and 160 degrees Fahrenheit, your insoles are heat moldable.

Here’s the procedure:

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. You can’t use a microwave oven for this.

2. Set the heat moldable insoles directly on the racks in the oven. Set your timer for two minutes only.

3. Check the insoles at two minutes. If the dot inside the white square turned black, take them out of the oven. They will be warm and you won’t need oven mitts to remove them from the oven.

4. Slide them into your shoes. Make sure that no part of the insoles are curled in any way.

5. Put your shoes on your feet.

6. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width apart. Your toes should be pointing straight forward. Your knees should be flexed and over your second toe. Hold the position about a minute and then stand up straight. You have just finished the process of customizing your Sole heat moldable insoles.

For more instruction, you can also view our YouTube video, “How to Heat Mold Your SOLE Custom Footbeds & Insoles“.

Below is a full list of all available SOLE Custom Heat Moldable Insoles:


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