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What Happened to the New Balance Insoles?

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Prior to 2020, New Balance granted a license to manufacturer Hickory Brands — located in Hickory, North Carolina — that allowed Hickory Brands to produce insoles using the New Balance name. Going into 2020, however, Hickory Brands decided to no longer license the New Balance name and instead continued production of the New Balance insoles line under the brand name 10 Seconds.

So if you’re looking for the old New Balance insoles, there’s good news! You can find almost all of the old insole styles (as well as some new ones) as part of the 10 Seconds insoles lineup! And since the manufacturer hasn’t changed, you’ll get the same exact insole that you know and love, just with a different brand name.

What 10 Seconds Insole Matches the Old New Balance Insole?

If you had purchased this New Balance insole… You should purchase this 10 Seconds insole:
New Balance IPR 3030 – Pressure Relief with Met. Pad Insoles 10 Seconds 3030 Pressure Relief Insoles with Met. Pad Insoles
New Balance IPR 3020 – Pressure Relief without Met. Pad Insoles 10 Seconds 3020 Pressure Relief Insoles
New Balance IUAS 3810 – Ultra Support Insoles 10 Seconds 3810 Ultra Arch Support Insoles
New Balance IMC 3210 – Motion Control Insoles 10 Seconds 3210 Motion Control Insoles
New Balance IAS 3720 – Arch Stability Insoles 10 Seconds 3720 Arch Stability Insoles
New Balance IAS 3715 – 3/4-Length Arch Stability Insoles 10 Seconds 3715 Arch Stability 3/4-Length Insoles
New Balance IMSC 3100 – Multi-Sport Cushioning Insoles 10 Seconds 3100 Multi Sport Cushion Insoles

What Are the New 10 Seconds Insoles?

There are two new 10 Seconds insoles that were not a part of the previous New Balance insole lineup:

Name Features
10 Seconds Flat Foot Insoles Designed specifically for low arches and flat feet, these insoles feature a low-profile cushioned arch support, trim-to-fit design, and anti-microbial fabric top-coat.
10 Seconds Green Cushioned Insoles These insoles are a full-length, trim-to-fit cushioned insole without arch support. Perfect for adding a little cushioning to your shoes for those without the need for additional foot support.

Are There Any New Balance Insoles That I Can’t Find Anymore?

At this time, the only New Balance insoles that are no longer being produced (under the 10 Seconds name or otherwise) are the following:

  • IPR 3030 Wide – Pressure Relief with Met. Pad WIDE Insoles
  • IAPC 1100 – All Purpose Cushioning Insoles
  • Low Profile 2715 – Low Profile 3/4-Length Insoles without Met. Pad
  • Low Profile 2720 – Low Profile 3/4-Length Insoles with Met. Pad

However, if you’re looking for the closest comparable product, we can help!

If you want something similar to… Check out:
New Balance IPR 3030 Wide ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles
New Balance IAPC 1100 Sof Sole Arch Performance Insoles
New Balance Low Profile 2715 Superfeet Everyday Slim Fit Insoles for Men
Superfeet Everyday Slim Fit Insoles for Women
New Balance Low Profile 2720 Pedag Viva Mini Orthotics

New 10 Seconds Styles Possibly Coming Soon! has always maintained a strong relationship with Hickory Brands. After it was announced that they would no longer be producing their popular insoles under the New Balance name and would instead be producing the insoles under the 10 Seconds name, we inquired about some of the styles that had not been transferred over to the 10 Seconds lineup (like the IPR 3030 Wide, a popular seller in the New Balance lineup).

The good news is that some of these styles might be available in the future! We’ll keep you posted here with any updates if any of the old New Balance styles get released under the 10 Seconds brand later on.


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