How to Know Which Insole is Right For You?

Research has shown which types of insoles are good for the different types of foot arches. While many people will experiment to see which product works best, there are a few general rules when it comes to matching insoles with arch types.

For Flat Feet

These types of feet are more prone to over-pronation and require something with high support and motion control. The goal with a flat arch is to get something very rigid and supportive under the arch to get it more upright, helping to control the rate of over-pronation that leads to more serious conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.

Orthotics and other highly supportive insoles are good for a flat arch - but beware that there is a break in period where the foot becomes accustomed or Spenco Total Support Insoles, CurrexSole RunPro Insoles, or Superfeet Black Premium Insoles are ideal for flat arches as they provide a rigid support for the arch as they balance and stabilize the foot to prevent over-pronation.

For Low to Medium Arches

These types of arches are generally functioning properly and need an insole that offers medium support with a focus on cushioning. The goal with a neutral arch is to make sure that they do not over-pronate during athletic activity where the foot is absorbing more energy.

High Arches

These arches are more prone to imbalance and over flexing of the arch - which can lead to painful conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. Because the foot is balancing on two key pressure points, we want to be careful not to over support the inside of the foot and possibly cause the foot and ankle to role outside. The goal with a high arch is to provide as much cushioning as possible to help absorb the shock of an imbalanced transfer of force and pressure through the foot. To support the potential over flexing of the arch, it is recommended to use soft arch supports that still allow the foot to pronate on its natural inward position.

These are the ideal insole for high arches in that they provide heel and forefoot cushioning with a soft cushioned arch so the arch can rest on a cushioned bed which will allow a proper distribution of weight over the whole foot.

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