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5 Thick Insoles Your Feet Will Love

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If your feet feel better when you wear warm fuzzy slippers at the end of your day, this gives you a clue that if you had thick insoles DURING the day, youll feel better.

Thick insoles will surely make your feet feel better, and if you really examine the specifications of each of the following products, youll no doubt find exactly what your feet need. Check out the thickness of each and the extra features. In some cases, feet will need arch supports as well as heel supports PLUS the thick cushioning.

But there is controversy about thick insoles. Some experts say that thick insoles prevent the foot from receiving proprioception messages it can collect from the surface youre walking or running on. You'll have to test it out yourself.

Heres a list of 5 thick insoles to get you started:

  1. Spenco PolySorb Heavy Duty Occupational Replacement Insoles

    If you're looking for thick insoles for work shoes or boots, these are them. The SpencCor material is 5/32 inches thick. When youre walking on these Spenco Insoles, youll notice your feet have more energy. The footwear experts call this energy return, meaning that all the tired muscles you have from poor footwear support (not wearing thick insoles) waste energy. By wearing thick insoles, you collect all that wasted energy and suddenly find that you have new-found energy. These thick Spenco insoles also have arch supports and heel supports, and are best for those who have flat feet or medium arches.

  2. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles

    These thick insoles are 5/16th of an inch thick at the heel and ¼ inch thick in the forefoot. Great for people who jump a lot, such as in high-impact aerobic classes or basketball. The heel has a special encapsulated air chamber in it. You can find arches here in these thick insoles too. Choose them according to your type of arch.

  3. Powerstep ComfortLast Cushioning Insoles

    These are for all different types of shoes including athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes and boots. Great for running because they combine gel plus slow recovery foam and wear moldable. They're full length so you dont have to worry about them slipping in your shoes while you walk or run.

  4. Spenco Total Support Original Insoles

    Designed as a fundraiser for breast cancer, these American Podiatric Medical Association approved thick insoles are in the ˜cadillac category of insoles. It includes a 3-Pod Cushioning System to absorb shock while simultaneously preventing overpronation, a deep heel cup, and arch supports (both metatarsal and medial longitudinal). The thickness at the heel is 8 mm and at the forefoot, its 6.5 mm. You can't go wrong with these thick insoles; they come with a one year unconditional guarantee.

  5. 10 Seconds 3030 Pressure Relief Insoles w/ Metatarsal Support

    The soft cushion top cover is made with Plastazote and Orange Abzorb cushioned layers, which provides a customized fit with a wear moldable memory foam feel for foot pain relief and reduced friction for blister prevention. Their additional metatarsal support will help relieve and prevent forefoot pain and discomfort. Custom made air flow channels that are built in to the bottom of the insole will help remove warm air, while pulling cool air in, and are trim-to-fit for the perfect length.

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