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Which Superfeet Insoles are best for Golf shoes?

1 minute read

There is no one specific Golf Shoe Insole from Superfeet -fortunately there are some choice depending on prefences of feel and fit.  Superfeet range of Insoles for Golfers will depend on the the shape you are looking for and the volume (or space) that you have in your shoes.  Check our Volume and Shape/Support Graph in What’s the difference between the Superfeet Insoles?, you will find that the most popular are the Superfeet Carbon, Black, and Black DMP Insoles.

Most Golf Shoes have non-removable shoe inserts.  If this is the case with your shoes, then more than likely you’ll need to choose one of the previously 3 listed insoles; however, you may have more room to add an insert that provides more arch support and/or cushioning such as the Superfeet Blue, Green..  Again -refer to the charts in the linked article above.  For those seeking a little luxury of soft warm wool consider the merinoGray Superfeet’s or for extra cushion the Orange for Men and Berry for Women.  Those with more sensitive feet yet needing the Superfeet arch support should try the Black DMP’s.

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