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Winter Boot Insoles: Automatic Insulation to Keep You Warm

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Winter Ready?

Winter insoles are special because they have an extra feature added to them: insulation. When you’re out in the snow for either work or fun, your feet (and every other part of your body, too!) needs to stay warm in order to ensure that you stay safe.

Getting frostbite is no fun at all! It happened to both my sister and me when we were young, and the frostbite actually deformed her hands for life. We were very young and got caught in a blizzard on the way home from a school Christmas party right before Christmas vacation began. The snow was drifting high and it was very difficult for us to get through the 3-to-4 foot high snow drifts since we were only 4 feet tall. It took us over an hour to get home and the temperatures were below zero.

Our hands were literally frozen by the time we arrived home. The cold temperature had damaged the tissues in my sister’s hands so badly that deformity occurred after her bandages were removed a few weeks later. That Christmas, we were unable to open our own Christmas presents. I had a deformity from the frostbite too—my smallest fingernail never grew up to full adult size on the hand most affected by the frostbite.

I found out years later that some children—in particular, those who experience frostbite—suffer from an experience similar to mine: their body parts that had been exposed to the elements never mature to adult sizes. There’s something about the freezing process that interferes with the growth plates of the bones or damages the DNA permanently.

Frostbite can also occur on the feet, and I can remember multiple times when I suspected my toes had frostbite. I didn’t have any winter boot insoles at that time because they weren’t even manufactured back then. Thus, the lesson I learned was to stay safe, bundle up, and don’t take a chance on getting frostbite ever again.

But now you have the opportunity to have winter insoles that give you more of a chance to prevent frostbite while you’re out there, either when playing in the snow or when working in it.

Here are a few of them that are insulated:

UGG Sheepskin Insoles
These winter insoles are in demand all the time, so be sure to stock up on them before the winter weather hits in full. There’s no surprise why—they have a luxurious sheepskin wool top coat to keep your feet cozy and warm!

Sole Insulated Ultra Custom Footbeds
These insoles keep your feet warm with their 3M Thinsulate Insulating layer. They are American Podiatric Medical Association accepted.

Pedag Pascha Wool Insoles
These Pedag insulated winter insoles are made with 100% shearling lambskin wool with a cork bottom. The purpose of the cork bottom is to keep you insulated from cold wet ground.

Pedag Viva Winter Insoles
This insole has a 3-layer wool topcoat, yet it’s thin enough to fit into tight boots. it’s orthopedic design includes arch support for your feet. These insoles also feature an aluminum reflector bottom coat.

Pedag Solar Wool Insoles
These Pedag insulated winter insoles have the look of a warm woolen coat and are created with a 100% wool quilted top layer, a closed cell foam middle layer, and an anti-skid aluminum reflector shield bottom layer. They’re made in Germany.

Stay toasty warm with winter insoles! Don’t let the fears of  frostbite control your life. View our entire selection of Winter Boot Insoles today!


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