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1 of 3 Hot/Cold Pack - Round Hot/Cold Pack - Round

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Product Overview: Hot/Cold Pack - Round is a small reusable hot or cold compress that is perfect to take along with you. Simply freeze or heat up the pack and use to help relieve pain and discomfort. Perfect for relieving those tired and sore muscles and joints.

Product Features:

  • Soft plush material
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe
  • 4 inches round in size
  • 1/2 inch thickness
  • Use directions are on tag of product
  • Weight: 2 oz

Ideal For:

  • Pain relief: sore muscles and tendons, pain in hard to reach areas, after exercise or injury, stretch and massage before exercise, relieve tension after a long day

Heat Therapy Directions:

  • Microwave for 15 seconds, add additional 5 second intervals until desired temperature is reached.

Cold Therapy Directions:

  • Freeze for at least 2 hours. The pack should only be applied to the relief area for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes.


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