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Naboso Performance Insoles - Small: Men's 3-5.5 / Women's 5-7.5

Naboso Performance Insoles - Small: Men's 3-5.5 / Women's 5-7.5

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Naboso Performance Insoles

Product Overview:

The Naboso Performance Insoles are a textured flat-cushioned insole that features a 1.5mm patent-pending texture technology that helps to stimulate your foot for increased foot sensitivity, helping to improve plantar proprioceptors. They helping to minimize delay in the nervous system which can contribute to joint pain, compensations, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.

Developed by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr. Emily Splichal, Naboso Insoles are designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet. Naboso Insoles are backed by surface science and texture research - and have been shown to not only improve balance but also positively impact gait patterns, ankle proprioception and force production in people who have decreased sensitivity in their feet.

Product Features:

  • 1.5 mm patent-pending texture technology
  • 3.5 mm total thickness
  • Evidence-based hardness to maximize stimulation
  • Freedom of rotation and tri-planar movement
  • Trim to Fit

Ideal for:

  • The avid bare-footer or has been using minimal footwear for awhile, for the customer who stands prolonged hours on their feet or has decreased sensitivity of the feet

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