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Pedag Siesta Leather Insoles - White - #35: Women's 5


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The Pedag Siesta Insoles - White are full-length, cushioned arch support insole as well as additional metatarsal support. With a flexible arch and metatarsal pad, the Siesta offers help for those seeking support from foot pain in boots, high heels, casual and dress shoes.

The Pedag Siesta Insoles are made of vegetable tanned leather and active carbon – both natural products. The leather will help absorb any moisture produced by the feet and the active carbon neutralizes odors, this makes our insole a truly natural refresher.

Product Features:

  • Cushioned arch support insole
  • Full-length footbed
  • Thin and flexible to fit any shoe
  • Cushioned longitudinal arch support
  • Cushioned metatarsal pad
  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Discontinued Product
  • Arch height: 10 mm
  • Thickness at forefoot: 1.75 mm
  • Thickness at heel: 1.75 mm
  • Weight: .6 oz (Size #40: Women's 10 / Men's 7)
  • Made in Germany

Ideal For:

  • Shoe type: Boots, Casual, Dress, Fashion, Flats
  • Activity type: Office & Dress Wear, Golf, Dance, Casual
  • Arch type: All Arches
  • Pain relief: Arch Pain & Arch Strain, Bunions, Flat Feet & Fallen Arches, Metatarsalgia & Forefoot Pain, Morton's Neuroma, Sesamoiditis

Item #: PDG-154

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